Inti Raymi: Sun Solstice Festivity: Full Day


After breakfast, the guide will meet you at your hotel to start an amazing day. You will be transferred to Koricancha (temple of the sun) where the inti raymi festival starts.
Here, the Inca implores to the god sun its blessing for a best year.
The procession winds through streets filled with music, dancing, prayers, scattered flowers, and ladies with brooms sweeping away evil spirits. This procession will get to the main square (Plaza de armas).
Upon their arrival to the main square speeches are delivered in Quechua, the Inca language, here takes place the meeting of the two worlds: ancient world, represented by the Inca and the new world, represented by the Cusco mayor. The inca will give to the city mayor a QUIPU which an Andean account system.
The procession continues to Sacsayhuaman, an impressive stone huge building.
Here, the last ceremony will take place, the Inca surrounded by the noblemen and people who came from the four points of the Inca Empire (Tawantinsuyo) will receive inform of the entire region about the last events.
After Llamas and Alpacas were sacrificed, the Inca stands up, holding two golden goblets filled with chicha. The goblet in his right hand he offers to Inti, the sun, and it is poured to a gold jar which was connected by tubes into the Temple, giving the impression that the Sun was drinking it.
The Inca drinks for the goblet in his other hand and then handed the goblet down for the nobles to sip and pass around among themselves. This royal gesture of friendship of drinking with his noblemen as equals, meant a great deal for every nobleman present.
Finally, the dances of the four regions start to dance, an impressive festival of color and sounds.
Return to your hotel.



  • Private transport
  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Box lunch
  • Entrance fee to Inti raymi
  • First-aid kit and oxygen
  • Snack
  • Extra food or beverages
  • Personal Expenses