Family Journey

These programs have been carefully designed to capture the true essence of this mysterious region of the world; the itinerary was meticulously crafted to invite you to explore the land of the Incas, sharing an unforgettable experience with your family. The daily activities are flexible, which can be adapted according to your needs/requirements. Entail visits to historic and cultural sites as well as natural environments with no further physical activity from the standard hike needed to visit the tourist sites.   TIPS FOR FAMILY JOURNEYS: Here some ideas to make your next family trip a superb one:   Plan Ahead: Most people start thinking for the next vacation about 90-60 days before travel. And many times it is stressful, because you have to set up details of your family trip: aircraft tickets, airport transfers, and tours/activities; even restaurants, etc. We can take care of all these details for you thanks to our experience and connections, making unforgettable your family travel to Peru. Involve the Kids: Get your children participating in planning the trip. Ask each family member for the top three things they want to see or do, and make sure to include at least one of everybody’s picks. NOTE: Bringing new toys and activities will help keep children entertained while traveling. Pack Wisely: It is one of most important tips to consider. It doesn’t matter if you’re checking or carrying on your bags: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – so to speak. Pack at least a few items for each family member in each suitcase. This way, if one bag gets lost, everyone will have something to wear. We recommend bringing a carry-on; it’s a smart idea to carry at least one change of clothes in it. With kids, you’ll be ready for delayed or lost bags, plus unknown chills and spills. Help build excitement for the trip by encouraging kids to pack their own suitcases. Bring Something New: Many times, kids lost patience easily during long travels; therefore save something new for the plane or car. Whether it’s a movie, app, or just an activity book with new crayons, squirrel away something you can reveal after boarding that will buy you at least 30 minutes of entertainment. If your kids are old enough, pack a deck of cards. There’s a lot of downtime in travel. Be prepared. Give Yourself Time: This is the simplest tip: Just allow more time for everything. You’ll have less to nag everyone about and have a better family holiday travel experience if you aren’t rushing for the basics like final boarding calls. Focus on the Experience: No matter where you’re going, remember to focus on the experience as a family, not the mechanics of travel. Remember, you’re making family memories. * We arranged some tentative/referential programs for family journeys, the tours/activities included into these programs can be modified according to your request and needs: