Backpacking Programs

Why “Don’t Worry about Money, Just Travel” Is the Worst Advice of All Time?…but if you love to travel, don´t worry about money, we have the best options to travel to Peru for less. Therefore we arranged some tentative programs to visit Peru and its most amazing spots, considering these items: Traveling style, Backpacking trips are typically denoted by a desire to travel slower, cheaper, and in a more local way. Accommodations, hostel is the mainstay of most backpacking trips, fortunately around the places included in the programs, there are hostels (cheap, clean, comfort and friendly). Activities, off the beaten path activities, therefore we considered alternative activities/treks to arrive to Machu Picchu. NOTE: all the tours/activities included in the BACKPACKING PROGRAMS are offered in GROUP SERVICE; it means you will share the tour with other people.