About Us

About Us

Peruvian Andean Treasures, is a tour operator located in the hearth of Peru (Cusco – cradle of the incas), we are a company founded by a team of professionals in tourism with enough experience in this field; we are at your disposal to help you with any further information you may need to arrange the best travel program to visit Peru and its fascinating places, starting at the sea level (coast), the highland (sierra) and the amazon rainforest (jungle).

Peru offers you many alternatives to enjoy it and have an unique and unforgettable experience; the north and south are filled with amazing Inca and Pre-Inca ruins, spectacular high mountains, wildlife in the amazon (jungle), traditional customs/festivities, and exquisite gastronomy…..and the highlight is Machu Picchu (one of the new seven wonders of the world).

We know you have got things you would love to do, places you would love to see, cultures you would love to know and adventures to experience and remember forever; therefore, we are here to help all your dreams can come true, not just dream about them.

​ Let us show you the Magic of Peru the way you deserve!




We are a TRAVEL – TOUR OPERATOR licensed and authorized by the government of Peru (DIRCETUR – in charge of the tourism activity in Cusco-Peru).


We all are professional in tourism (degree at the University and Tourism Superior Institutes) with many years working in tourism as guides, travel consultants, trip packages designers, etc; so this experience allow us to offer you the best options/plans to enjoy Peru.

We offer quick and personalized assistance 24 hours a day.


Getting the best price is great, getting the best value is even better. We believe in providing a full service/package at an affordable price. We achieve this by running our business locally and directly employing the guides that take you to visit the places chosen.

We even allow Deposit-Free reservations; it means you can make a reservation without paying a penny until your travel plans are all finalized, you can pay us once you arrived to Cusco/Peru.

No late booking fees or hidden costs. The prices we show you in the itinerary are the final ones.


We offer tailor made trips according to your time frame and needs; our programs are flexible and personalized which will help you to have a memorable and unforgettable trip to Peru.

Go where you want:

We can arrange tours to anywhere in Peru, you tell us where and we will make it happen. Some passengers combine a number of regions (Coast, jungle and highland), it will depend of your vacation time frame.

Do what you want:

Peru has many places to visit and a high variety of activities to do such as: soft Cultural Adventure (visiting Machu Picchu by train), Trekking (the Classic Inca Trail), Beach (north of Peru), Biodiversity (Puerto Maldonado), Cultural immersion (Living with people on the floating Islands of Titicaca), Volunteer services, etc.

We can make your tour as active or as relaxed as you want, and we do not tie you to a set tour, all our programs are flexible and you can modify as you wish.

Go when you want:

Perhaps you are restricted to specific holidays or perhaps you prefer to travel during low season, or visit in special festivities (FESTIVITIES IN PERU).

As all our tours are custom made you can start and finish any day you choose.

Choose your travel style:

Everyone has a different budget and different priorities. We have options for people who want to explore Peru in a luxury way (high top hotels, luxury train services, etc). Also, for people who want to meet random travelers along the way sharing some tours or complete programs. We can choose hotels and experiences to suit your needs, whatever they are.


Finally, you should know we treat local people with respect and fairness. So locals let you get closer to their culture, their people & their nature, which is good for them and good for you. We call this responsible tourism.

In addition, we expect our travellers to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel – respecting people, cultures and local environments; in good will and cross-cultural sharing; and in contributing to sustainable development of the local people.

In this way, we support a Project that helps an Andean community (Huacatinco), located three hours from the city of Cusco in the heart of the Ausangate snowcapped mountain, this project has been undertaken to enhance the education and well-being of community members through a direct engagement with responsible tourism operations and practices; also we help women and disabled weavers with training courses and marketing consulting to sell their handicrafts.

So, every year we visit this community to help and support the project:

Provision of educational materials, school supplies and sports equipment:

Many kids of this community don´t assist to the school, because their parents can´t purchase the scholar kits (books, copybooks, pencil, crayons, ruler, eraser, etc) and the school uniform; we assume this responsibility considering that the education is the best heritage that we can leave to the kids; therefore we help them providing of school supplies and educational materials.

Creation of the Woman Craft Association:

We helped to women and disabled weavers to encourage, improve and increase their production of amazing traditional textiles and handicrafts which are highly appreciated by visitors.

So, Peruvian Andean Treasures together with specialized organization provide them training courses about quality, tendencies, iconographic techniques  and marketing consulting to sell their handicrafts.

Help us to help them!

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